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Friday, July 18, 2014

Educational Games for Tweens and Teens (and Me)

I played a game at Learn4Good called Arm Surgery 2, and now that it's over (and I didn't kill the patient), I think I need a bit of a lie-down!

You're guided through each step of the process, from x-ray to operation. You need to use the correct surgical equipment from scalpel and screws to tourniquet and tongs, and if you're too slow, you "fail."

If medicine's not your thing, you can play a fast food business simulation game, the goal of which is to "help you learn how to run a successful food service business." I think I'll brush up on my parking skills at Drivers Ed 2 (which starts off with a warning that it is for entertainment only and shouldn't be used as a "guide for driving") or perhaps I'll try my hand at being an air traffic controller with Airport Madness 3, which game is according to one player very challenging.

For a more serious game, 3rd World Farmer may prove to be an eye-opening experience, where you try to make decisions while dealing with extreme poverty. Questions arise, like would you take money to store chemical waste or house terrorists -- that money being needed to feed your family and pay for their medical bills.

Have fun - and learn!

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