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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Harry Potter Lessons

For ideas that make elementary lessons fun, teachers and parents can visit cyber-prof.com. Having gone through the whole Harry Potter series of books and movies (to date) with my children, I thought the ideas of how to use the Harry Potter props, character names and ideas to stir interest quite good.

Suggestions on how to implement these ideas pertained mainly to science lessons, and included:

  • magical disappearing water (through evaporation)
  • making a magical rainbow (from prisms)
  • magical potion concoctions (from Kool-Aid)
  • growing "Basilisk Fang" plants in a pot dirtless, hydroponic soil
Gardening is already done to some extent in most schools, but Cyber-Prof suggests choosing plants that do indeed seem to be somewhat magical, such as the Venus Fly Catcher.

Another idea is to incorporate Hermione's Time Turner into your history lessons. Turn back time to enter the world of the historical figures or events you're teaching.

I really liked the idea of using Harry Potter sheet music for kids to play. I would suggest simplifying it (ie., treble clef only) as most schools use soprano recorders in their elementary music classes and many of the children are playing at a beginner level.


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