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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kids Know It - The Totally Free Children's Learning Network

The blurb at History Games For Kids reads

Innovative history games that make learning and retaining history facts fun. These online history activities have been designed to help you review the history concepts you have learned on our website, while also capturing and holding your attention. These games are much more than just an online quiz.
It's all true.

I played the one called Brick Busters History Game. It really was well done -- the answers to questions are written so that you nearly always choose the correct one (learning); then the questions come up again and again, but the choices between the answers become more challenging (retention).

Every subject is represented at KIDS KNOW IT -
The Totally Free Children's Learning Network, and some extremely good advice is there for the taking. If you're working on spelling, for instance, you can select an appropriate spelling list from over 6,600 words arranged in over 400 lessons.

The words in Lesson 407 are:

cone, cylinder. equation, evaluate, formula, inequality, order of operations, parentheses, pyramid, solution, solve, sphere, surface area, three-dimensional, variable, volume

A click of the button will load this vocabulary list into the games and off you send your child for a fun way to learn!

Scroll down to the bottom of the spelling page, and you'll see advice for the level, how many lessons it's advised to do and how to encourage spelling success.

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