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Monday, April 13, 2009

Kids Celebrate Earth Day with Activities and Crafts

From Coffee Ground Fossils (a recycling craft) to 5 tips on how kids can help the planet, Funschool has come up with a nice selection of activities, crafts and games relating to Earth Day (April 22nd).

My kids were recently subjected to a guest lecture at their school that they interpreted to be full of blame, fear and hopelessness. That approach is obviously not helpful in addition to being extremely frightening--adults need to present Earth Day in positive terms of nurturing and caring for something that's very precious and irreplaceable. We need to give our children hope in concrete terms of things they can do to help, such as this partial list from PlanetPals:

Things to do with paper, gift wrap or cardboard:
  • Use it to cover and protect your schoolbooks
  • Make your own paper dolls be a fashion designer and design doll clothes
  • Cover the walls in your dollhouse with gift wrap for wallpaper
  • Use bags or newspaper particularly colorful comics, for gift wrap....
  • Use old gift wrap, comics or wallpaper to cover boxes or cans
  • Use the back side of bags or gift wrap as practice paper for painting or studying the alphabet
  • Use your practice paintings as gift wrap--they can be colorful and special!
  • Cut it in squares and use it to make origami
  • Make a book, or album -- paper pages and cardboard cover -- use string or ribbon to tie it together
  • Make homemade paper
  • Make paper mache projects


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posted by Stephanie @ Monday, April 13, 2009  


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