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Monday, May 18, 2009

Industrial Revolution -- Concentration Game for Grade 7 Students

There's a concentration game developed by a Grade 7 teacher where you match definitions to words and people's names to their accomplishments all with respect to the Industrial Revolution. It's a fun review for kids who need to study for a test.

The terms that are included in the game are:

emigrate -- to leave (EXIT) one's homeland to go to another country
immigrate -- to come into (IN) a new country
rural -- a term referring to the countryside
tenement -- a large apartment building that is overcrowded and rundown
monopoly -- complete control over an industry by a person or company

patent -- a document that legally protects an inventor from his/her idea copied by another inventor
assembly line -- system of production in which workers can mass produce products and they can be sold cheaper
subway -- a train that runs on underground tracks
laissez faire -- philosophy that government should leave businesses alone
refinery -- a place where oil from the ground is cleaned

Knights of Labor & AFL -- labor unions which fought for the rights of factory workers
specialization of labor -- learning a specific task through repetition
Andrew Carnegie -- known for dominating the steel industry
Henry Ford -- famous for the Model T
Thomas Edison -- invented the light bulb and over 1000 other inventions

Joseph Glidden -- invented barbed wire
John D. Rockefeller -- famous for dominating the oil industry
stock -- certificate showing ownership in a part of a company

If you find (as I did) that the definition has too many words to fit into the "cards", look down at the bottom of the puzzle -- the terms also show up there.

If you like concentration, hangman and other word games as a learning tool, there's quite a list of them at the Shared Activities page.

In order to create your own games, you must subscribe. Quia's standard annual pricing for educational subscriptions is $49 per instructor.


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posted by Stephanie @ Monday, May 18, 2009  


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