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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Virtual Knee Replacement Surgery

NOTE: Recommended for Grade levels: 7 - 12 and up

The only flaw with this game is how quickly you have to read (if you don't have speakers) -- but other than that, the Virtual Knee Surgery game is excellent for anyone interested in what the operation consists of, how it's done and how long the replacement knee lasts.

My 10 year old daughter watched me go through the procedure and deemed it totally gross. I admit the thought of drilling into bone made me a bit queasy, but the fascination factor took us all the way through. What can make you retch a little are the actual photos from real surgeries! *yeech*

There's a teacher's guide which gives prompts for class discussions such as:
  • why did certain steps of surgery occur in the order they did and/or why these steps were performed at all?
  • why don’t patients need painkillers during surgery?
  • what was the FIRST knee replacement surgery like?


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posted by Stephanie @ Saturday, May 23, 2009  


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