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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yoga For Kids - Online!

You can practice yoga with your child, with simple instructions at ChildrensYoga.com. On the page called Try Yoga Now, you'll find three types of exercises.

  • The first is called Animal Adventure, and contains breathing, affirmation and meditation exercises with child-friendly descriptors like blowing out birthday candles and posing like a snake.
  • Classroom Yoga is for teachers who want to give their students a quick break to relax and re-focus, but parents can get good ideas from this, especially to use on long car trips or airplane travel. From shoulder rolls to tree poses and a reminder to drink lots of water throughout the day, there's lots of effective exercises here to stretch and re-energize.
  • The last is Yoga To Release Anxiety, which can be practiced by children starting with the minimum time. The rapid movements and strong breathing are to help release old thought and feeling patterns that trigger fear, anxiety and pent-up emotion.
Who knows? Maybe the next step will be a moms-and-me yoga class!


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posted by Stephanie @ Saturday, May 02, 2009  


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