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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kids Gardens In Boots and Other Unusual Places

At Planning My Garden, there are great ideas for WHAT kids can grow their gardens IN -- and they've come up with some unusual plant containers that are environmentally friendly (because they're big on recycling) and are sure to spark more ideas for creative flower pots. Some of the suggestions on the site are:
  • Old boots and shoes
  • Cinderblocks
  • Pipes (they call them sewer tiles)
  • Plastic bag (that holds the potting soil)
  • Old tires or pots
  • Wooden barrels
  • Piece of rain gutter or eavestroughing (which can be affixed to a fence or wall)
Another idea I thought was great was to have a mini-veggie garden by way of hanging baskets! We all admire the flowers that decorate our porches, but wouldn't it be kind of fun to plant mini-tomatoes in a hanging basket? This time it isn't the container that is unusual--it's the idea of planting something other than decorative flowers in a hanging basket.

Do you have any unusual ideas that make gardening with the kids even more fun?



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posted by Stephanie @ Saturday, June 06, 2009  


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