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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Back to School Family Calendar

Aztec Stone CalendarIt's nearly that time again! September is just a few weeks away, and many of us need to think about school shopping lists as well as enrolling the kids in after-school activities and lessons.

You can make your own school calendar, choosing from some of these calendar templates, or print off this PDF Back to School Family Calendar from eversave.com.

I also like the myriad of resources at FamilyEducation.com (note that you must provide your email address in order to obtain free registration at the site). Their Fun Facts Calendar is fabulous to have on hand: September 1st is when the Titantic wreckage was located "way back" in 1985; Elephant Appreciation Day is on the 22nd; and you can fill in my birthday on October 19th! :-)

About the photo: this is an Aztec calendar in stone, which I obtained from www.sxc.hu. The photographer's site is at http://garrisonphoto.org/sxc/


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posted by Stephanie @ Sunday, August 09, 2009  


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