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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Online Virtual World for Kids

Based on the books by John Bittleston, The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks, an online virtual world for kids aged 7 to 14, is due to launch in the Christmas of 2009. I've signed up for the notification of its launch, and will try it on for size.

If reality lives up to the hype, it sounds good. The site says "parents can look forward to an educational and safe site for their children where they will be learning about history, geography, landmarks, famous people, inventions, animals and more. And for the children, they can expect hours of exploration fun."

Kids will be able to:

  • travel to factual and mysterious places around the world
  • travel through time and space
  • meet famous people from the past
  • play dozens of enriching and fun games
  • make new friends and party with them
  • buy exotic islands
  • build culture-inspired houses
  • wear clothes from different countries
  • explore secret locations
  • solve mysteries and puzzles
I've never read the books, so that's another thing to explore.


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posted by Stephanie @ Tuesday, October 27, 2009  


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