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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kids Know It - a network of free educational websites

Did you know that the lone surviving written record of Mayan history is three codices written in hieroglyphs on bark paper or that the Egyptian week had ten days??

Well, neither did I until I hit KidsKnowIt.com, a network of free educational websites. This is a great homeschool resource as well as one for elementary students researching a topic or just looking for a quick subject review before a test.

The format is simple: select the general subject (say, Geography). It's like opening an online geography textbook, written specifically for children, with each "chapter" (earth, atmosphere, oceans, etc.) available by clicking a link.

It's pretty comprehensive -- continuing with our Geography example, the topics covered are as follows:

Chapter One - Hello Earth
Chapter Two - Describing Our Planet
Chapter Three - Our Atmosphere
Chapter Four - Atmospheric Temperatures
Chapter Five - Atmospheric Pressures
Chapter Six - Atmospheric Moisture
Chapter Seven - Atmospheric Disturbances
Chapter Eight - The Hydrosphere
Chapter Nine - The Biosphere
Other subjects include: Geology, Spelling, Dinosaurs, Biology, Math, and History. There are learning aids including educational songs, memory building activities and free movies including science podcasts with Nana KnowItAll.

You'll have to ignore the advertising on the site (it's free after all), and note that the songs are user-submitted (although apparently vetted before being posted for use).


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posted by Stephanie @ Thursday, December 17, 2009  


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