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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

History and Science for Kids

The tag line for this childen's encyclopedia site is: What Do You Want to Know Today? Isn't that great?

Kidipede - History and Science for Kids covers mainly history and science topics. Originally a learning project for university students, the site has been owned and published by Professor Karen Carr since 2000. The original emphasis of Kidipede was on ancient Greece and Rome, although it's been expanded to include sections on North America, China, India, West Asia, Egypt, Africa and Germany as well as on Islam and the Middle Ages.

It seems that middle school (grades 7-9) students--and up--would be able to make best use of the information provided on this site, although a parent could paraphrase and/or simplify for younger learners.

I randomly chose a page called Gunpowder in Ancient China, just to see how the information was presented. It's quite fascinating, actually, the first sentence being: "Like the idea of zero, gunpowder developed gradually over time." The word "zero" is linked to a page called Indian Mathematics where the invention of zero as a placeholder is explained.

You might get lost exploring Kidipede, but you'll come out knowing a lot more than when you went in!

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